99 Golborne Rd

Project Overview:
Mimar is proud to announce a comprehensive renovation project at 99 Golborne Road, managed by Grzegorz Niedzwiecki. Set to complete over a 12-month timeline, this project encompasses a full-scale transformation of the existing structure, with a focus on modern design and functionality.

Project Details:
Complete Demolition and Rebuild: All internal walls, floor structures, and beams have been removed to make way for a completely reimagined space. Structural Reinforcement: Installation of new structural beams across all floors to ensure stability and support for the innovative design features. Floors, Stairs, and Walls Reconstruction: Construction of new floors, stairs, ceilings, and walls from scratch, according to a cutting-edge architectural plan. Kitchen and Bathrooms: Two bathrooms and a kitchen are being built from the ground up, designed to blend aesthetic appeal with high functionality. Roof Reconstruction and Addition: The old roof has been demolished to make way for a new, electronically-controlled roof access. This leads to a utilitarian rooftop space, complete with an additional kitchen and grill area, perfect for gatherings and social events.

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