Campden Hill House

Designer: Fossey Arora Interior – Interior Design and Architecture
Project Manager: Grzegorz Niedzwiecki
Timing: 7 months (from May 2012 to November 2012)

This project focused on interior renovation, one of Mimar’s specialities.

In our experience, nothing says easy, modern living like clean lines. And, sleek, pared-down designs. Especially when there are beautiful works of art to display, as was the case here. The brief? Our clients had set their hearts on style and substance, with special notes to add impact. Also, a chic, minimalist finish.

Here, our expert electricians fitted new electrics and lighting throughout to maximise the latest in contemporary designs.  We also worked on the bathroom to install new wood panelling and tiling.  We fitted sleek, hardwood flooring throughout the apartment. Then, we changed the walls to complete the look. From a structural point of view, perfection is our watchword. With us, everything must be right. So, we added a new opening between the kitchen and the dining room for a flawless look.

Finally, we decorated the whole property to exacting standards. Just what you would expect from Mimar.

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