East Heath Road Garden

Designer: Fossey Arora Interior – Interior Design and Architecture
Project Manager: Grzegorz Niedzwiecki
Timing:12 weeks (from April 2012 to June 2012)

Here in London, we love our gardens. Why? Because they offer us fresh air, peace and a chance to enjoy rest and relaxation. So, take a look at this incredible work, courtesy of Mimar. In brief, our client asked us to transform a traditional wall garden turning it into something extraordinary and high-end. They had set their heart on a modern, practical space. In effect, they wanted to create an extra room through a garden “extension”.

Here at Mimar, could we help? Of course we could. And, we did.

Achieving perfection involved a great deal of design work, preparation and expertise. So, we excavated entirely, adding pilings to deliver character and style. Also, a retaining wall to create a three-tiered area.

To enhance impact and style, our professional gardeners created feature stairs, stunningly beautiful paths, and striking inbuilt furniture.  For a touch of absolute luxury, we also installed a jacuzzi. This required a structural pit and an ipek wood plant building with an integral green roof.

The final touch? A barbeque, with all the walls, floors and surrounds of the garden impeccably finished.

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