Bespoke joinery in London

To complement our high-end construction services, Mimar offers stunning bespoke joinery in London and the Home Counties. Our expert joinery meets the needs of private residential clients and commercial businesses alike.

Let’s celebrate nature’s beauty at its absolute finest.

As a part of your construction project, how would a beautiful piece of custom-designed wooden furniture suit your home or office? If you’re looking for something that’s as fabulous as it is practical and as gorgeous as it is useful and usable, you’ve just found Mimar.

Bespoke Joinery in London – A Look for a Lifestyle

Our expertise in joinery is your gain.

An accomplished joiner will literally join two pieces of wood together, delivering sumptuous, detailed precision in doors, windows, staircases, fitted furniture and much else besides.

Joinery is a highly skilled trade and an essential element in working with wood – and other substances. Distinct from carpentry (although the two concepts can cross over a little), luxury joinery is almost everywhere you look. Combining durability with style, it’s a particular type of traditional skill.

The Mimar Magic

Our standards are as high as yours.

Let our artisans design, create and build to your specifications; anything from a table and chairs to cabinets and tables, ensuring that they’re commissioned just for you. And, that they will occupy a unique space in your room or office.

Kitchens. Talk to Mimar about kitchen design. And, everything else that focuses on the heart of the home. From your best-ever storage, tables and chairs, the kind of materials to choose through to sizes and dimensions, we aim to be your joinery experts of choice.

Bathrooms. We can create your perfect bathroom. A place that’s functional and allows you to relax at the end of your busy day. Have you thought about the vanity unit of your dreams? A floor-to-ceiling cupboard, or perhaps some unique bathroom furniture. Mimar will make it happen.

Bedrooms and Dressing Rooms. Our bespoke joinery isn’t just about the practical side of life. Also, it’s all about storage with style. With show-stopping, bespoke, fitted wardrobes, or a fitted-out dressing room to die for – if you never have enough space to store your clothes and accessories, you’ll know exactly what we mean here. Let’s also discuss internal lighting, decorative features, and mirrors for your picture-perfect dressing room of dreams.

Living Rooms. Perhaps you’d like a private library, a subtle, fitted TV unit, or made-to-measure display solutions to fit inside an alcove. There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to joinery, so share your ideas with us and let’s get started.

Commercial. Mimar can offer custom joinery services to the retail and hospitality sector, as well as for office projects. This is about fitted furniture that looks amazing, and serves a defined purpose: practical and flawless at the same time. Yes, it can be done, and we can do it.

Bespoke joinery in London is here. Courtesy of Mimar. Get in touch to find out more.