Basement Construction and Extensions

Basement Extensions

If you’re looking for extra space, why not consider expanding underground? Mimar are experts in high-end basement extensions, conversions and construction.  In short, we’ll deliver the perfect room, series of rooms or even a whole new lower storey in your home.  May we state the obvious?  With a well-appointed basement, you could be adding considerable value to your home.

In fact, there’s no need to worry.  Mimar will oversee everything on your behalf.  This includes a full electrical and mechanical service to ensure that you have heat, water and light

Restore, Extend or New Builds

If you’re based in London or around the Home Counties, we’d be delighted to offer you some great ideas For example, your perfect gym, office, bedrooms, or wine cellar.  In short, whatever you need. With a Georgian or Victorian-era home, you may already have some kind of basement or cellar. Mimar can turn this into a fantastic usable, liveable space, or even extend it should you require.

Alternatively, Mimar offers groundworks and engineering to create your brand-new lower ground floor.

We’re happy to work with your architect and structural engineer to construct any size or type of basement space, ensuring that it meets highest build and safety standards possible.

Basement Construction and Extensions for the Modern Home

Space in London is at a cost premium – that almost goes without saying. So, with increasing restrictions on building upwards, it makes sense to build, well, downwards.  But how and where can basements be added to a home?

Under Your Home
Choose to build below the whole footprint of your property, or simply under a specific area.

Under Your Garden
Your new living or working space awaits you…under your garden. Or, your basement can be extended beyond your property’s boundaries if you need more room.

Let your imagination grow. Have you considered a swimming pool under the gym? Or a practical, easy-to-access storage area? If it’s possible to do so, Mimar can construct multiple level basements

Adding extra space is the solution to modern living. Contact us today to find out more.