Bespoke Kitchens

Mimar is the high-end construction company in London and the South East. We build, restore and refurbish beautiful homes and commercial spaces for private clients.  Much of our work involves building bespoke kitchens, either as part of a new build project, or extending or renovating them to the side or the rear of the property to deliver a dream “heart of the home” space to our clients.

How may we help you today?

Bespoke Kitchens Are Big News

It’s true. Everyone, but everyone loves a beautiful kitchen.

Kitchens are where family members meet at the end of the day, where meals are prepared with love and care, and where people like to “hang around” at social gatherings. The kitchen is a place that’s both sociable and convivial; guests talk, exchange news, enjoy food and each other’s company.

And, Mimar loves wonderful, bespoke kitchens, too. Let us build, convert or re-model the kitchen that you and your family deserve: Large, comfortable, well-appointed – deluxe, even. With a kitchen island, perhaps, or with enough space for a magnificent dining table; take pleasure in storing and organising your groceries in your sizable en-suite larder.

Everything in its place, with plenty of spacious kitchen surfaces.

Sounds marvellous. It is.

And Mimar will build it for you, complete with everything you need: all stone and tilework, structural steelwork, carpentry, full heating and lighting installation, as well as plumbing. Why not embrace the home of the future with our home automation services, too?

What Do We Offer?

Our kitchen construction services are as unique as your property, or the needs of your family. With Mimar, there is never a “one size fits all” out-of-the-box solution. Our focus will be helping you to realise the potential of your home, enabling you to enjoy it for years to come.

Let’s Add Some (Kitchen) Value

Although Mimar creates beautiful spaces for living, should you decide to sell your property, it’s likely that all-important emotional buying decision will be based on…your kitchen, of course. An amazing kitchen could add a considerable uplift to your asking price.

Now may be the time to talk about kitchen. Contact Mimar for more information.