The architect, the client, the builder and effective communication

5 ways to create a sensible, honest and integral communication plan

By communicating effectively with you, your builder brings a vital stability to your project. They should be careful, precise and honest, and should enjoy sharing what’s going on at the site. They are excited, and they want you to be excited too. Your client is investing a great deal of time and resources into their home, and they are certainly going to be curious too. While nobody needs to be intrusive to any party, it’s critical that you are fully informed about what’s going on with your project.

A professional builder’s communication methods:

  • Daily communication to keep you engaged
  • A weekly debrief to give more thorough details
  • Sensible suggestions to improve the efficiency of the build
  • Problems and solutions will be immediately discussed with you
  • Site visits to show you everything you want to see

Daily communication

The conversations between you and your site foreman don’t need to be either long or intrusive for you to have the most recent information. You can be reassured that the build is progressing along its carefully considered timetable. Mostly, people will simply be getting on with what they have to do, but a quick conversation with your project manager will ensure that ideas and concepts can be exchanged freely. That way you can update your client whenever they ask.

A weekly debrief

At the end of every week, you’ll want to have a longer debrief with your site manager. They will have the opportunity to give you more detailed information about all the interesting things that are going on. You can hear about the jobs performed that week. You can check that your carefully considered design is emerging beautifully, and that everything you imagined is becoming a reality.

Suggestions and ideas

The builder will always defer to your vision – your vision is what they’re constructing, after all. However, they are also experts, and it might well be that they have an alternative solution or some new way of performing a task, and they will be enthusiastic about sharing these things with you. Your client wants the best, the most innovative and the most interesting build, and you’ll want to pass the newest information on to them.

The occasional, unforeseen event

Most things that happen on the site will be directly resolved by your project manager. If a delivery hasn’t arrived, or if the logistics of one job haven’t quite worked, these can be easily fixed. There needn’t be a constant list of concerns for you to worry about. There might be, however, more significant issues that may affect either cost or timetables, and, even while the project manager is arranging a solution, they will want you to know the implications.
Your builder should value honesty, trust and integrity.

Site visits

Watching a design become a reality is one of the most exciting parts of your project. Your builder gets to see it happening, and they will want to share it with you and your client. You won’t be pressured to come onto the site, but your builder will want to show off your beautiful design whenever you want to see it.

What to expect from Mimar

Mimar will make sure you have all the information as soon as you need it. They won’t nag or cajole, and they won’t interrupt your client, but they will make sure that you are fully informed about every aspect your project. They are interested to learn about what is happening in the industry, and they will share anything they learn that might interest you too. They will be completely honest about the whole process, and you will see their integrity at work the moment you engage with them.