Noise, mess and fuss – how to reduce build inconvenience

4 ways to keep the inconvenience of building work to a minimum

There’s no getting away from the fact that building is a noisy business. Hammers cannot be dampened, and drills can’t be silenced. On top of that, it is a dusty, dirty business. But your clients are meticulous and precise, and they expect the highest standard of living at all times. They have busy lives, and want to focus solely on the vision of their beautiful, crisp, clean home, and it’s important that they are sheltered from as much of the mess as possible.

A builder can keep the noise and mess to a minimum by:

  • Providing a clear and realistic timetable
  • Discussing the expected noise at the beginning
  • Protecting the client’s property
  • Having a sensitivity to those around the build

Timetables and deadlines

All projects have timetables, and usually accurate is better than quick. If your client is intending to vacate their property during the build, they need to be certain about when they can return home. If they are remaining on site, they need to know when they will have their home to themselves again. With a precise and careful client, accuracy is important.

Working around your client’s needs

Your client wants their build to be utter perfection. They also want to continue enjoying their lives while the build is carried out. It is important to be realistic about what is going to happen, but also to accommodate specific needs that they might have. Perhaps they need to access the building for a morning a week; your builder will make sure it is available for them. If they need one room in the house to be untouched, nobody will go near that room. If they are staying within the home, particularly noisy work will be carried out around their requirements.

Protecting your client possessions

Even an empty house may contain items that have a high value, either through historical importance, or monetary value, or simply because your client really loves them. They want them preserved and treated with the utmost care. When their furniture remains at the house, it needs to be carefully carried to a safe, clean area and covered. Ornate fixtures on walls, floors or stairs should be sensibly padded. In short, a client should expect their possessions to be treated as respectfully as they are themselves.

Keeping good neighbours

There is often a fair amount of disturbance to people in the surrounding areas of building work. Entrances to buildings or roads may be occasionally blocked while deliveries arrive. There are people coming and going, and often noisy tools ring out across the neighbourhood. Every good, professional builder will make sure that these disturbances are kept to an absolute minimum. People living in the peaceful, exclusive area around the build should be inconvenienced as little as possible.

What to expect from Mimar

Mimar treats every client, every site, every community and every build respectfully. They make every effort to manage the logistics of the build precisely, so that they can minimise intrusion in the neighbourhood of the build. They always ensure that any restrictions, such as entries, parking or noise are closely adhered to. Subcontractors coming onto the site are also held to the same rules, and are managed appropriately. Every aspect of your client’s life is treated with the utmost care.