Imagination and innovation – building bigger and better

4 qualities of a learning, growing and thriving building firm

The firm you choose should be thriving with new information being constantly absorbed – this is what leads to innovative buildings. Like in any other part of life, novel and exciting projects keep everyone fresh, progress the industry and change the look of the world. These days, we have the magic of seeing hundreds of the newest things every time we walk down the oldest street. Your client wants the best, the newest and the most imaginative design. They want to be able to lead their friends and neighbours with shining examples, and not show them the same tired old designs that can be found in any one of their houses.

The thriving builder is:

  • Intrigued by new materials and technology
  • Eager to learn and to train others
  • Ready to work on a variety of build types
  • a firm that just keeps growing

New building technology

Building styles are evolving and growing, and they bring with them novel ways of working with intriguing materials. Your builder should feel as excited about them as you are. It’s vital that your builder doesn’t want to stay with what’s familiar and safe. They want to work with your ideas and won’t want to change them to fit their abilities. After all, isn’t it better if their abilities expand?

Every day is a learning experience

With all these fun new materials and this interesting technology finding its way into your design, your builder is going to want to make sure they are absolutely ready and able to handle them with the precision and expertise that you need. A builder should be naturally curious and want to go out to train and learn, and to come back and share all of this exciting new information with their peers.

Keeping things fresh

You don’t need to build something from the ground up to show off something new. You have designed state-of-the-art and unique builds for very different people in all sorts of buildings. An innovative, progressive builder should be exactly the same. They won’t be deterred by hearing the words ‘listed building’ or ‘eco-build’. Going into each situation knowing that they can deliver the quality expected by you and your client, in any situation or location, is a matter of professional pride.

The growing business

There is a sparkle of something wonderful that happens when you get to pass on your knowledge to someone who really wants to receive it. Every expert, professional builder was, at one time, a novice. It’s true, there must have been a natural ability – a spark of latent genius – but then there is training, hard work and, above all, talent which must be nurtured by the experts who were once there too. This is what makes the team thrive, and it is a marvellous thing to see this at work.

 What to expect from Mimar:

At Mimar, you will be able to discuss all materials and plans with your project manager, and he will make sure he knows how to work with all your ideas. He will ensure training is provided for each team member who will be working with something new. You will see established, expert builders carefully supervising new people. That’s how they will make sure that every one of your designs is fresh, new, and that their skills increase for when you bring the next, even newer design.